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Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer. Israel brings Dead Sea scrolls to life with upgrade of digital archive

Those states, along with a collection of cities and counties, argue that asking a citizenship question will deter noncitizens from completing it and result in an inaccurate census, which has a huge impact on where budgets are allocated and the mapping of political districts. The Trump administration argues that the citizenship question will help the Department of Justice enforce the Voting Rights Act.

Hofeller, who died last August , conducted a study in about the citizen voting-age population and found it would be impossible to do without a citizenship question on the census. A switch to the use of citizen voting age population as the redistricting population base for redistricting would be advantageous to Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites.

Autobiography of My Dead Brother

The late strategist helped ghostwrite a draft DOJ letter in August to the Department of Commerce requesting a citizenship question, obscuring his own previous study results by claiming that DOJ wanted the results to help enforce voting rights. The letter argued that a citizenship question would help benefit Latinos, despite the study showing it would disadvantage Latinos.

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In March , Ross announced the census would include a question on citizenship. Since then, numerous courts across the country have ruled the policy unlawful.

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  4. It is wafer thin — experts have suggested it might have been made from an animal skin split in two — and unlike most scrolls, the text is on the flesh side of the skin. Even more surprisingly, the text is written on a thick mineral-containing layer that forms a writing surface on top of the collagen. Now, writing in the journal Science Advances , Masic and colleagues report that they have analysed a fragment of the Temple Scroll to unpick the makeup of this mineral-containing layer.

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    The results suggest the writing surface is largely composed of sulfate salts, including glauberite, gypsum and thenardite — minerals that dissolve in water and are left behind when the water evaporates. However, the researchers say these salts are not typical for the Dead Sea region, raising questions of where exactly they came from.

    Prof Timothy Lim from the University of Edinburgh, who was not involved in the study, said the findings did not show that the Temple scroll did not come from the region, even if the salts used in its preparation might come from elsewhere. It would be naive to assume that they were all prepared there.

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    But the detailed treatment is rather unique. The team say the findings raise questions of how best to conserve the Dead Sea scrolls, noting that the sulfate salts might mean the scrolls are more sensitive to small changes in humidity than previously thought. Among those who welcomed the findings was Dr Kipp Davis from the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute at Trinity Western University in Canada, one of the academics who recently revealed that the trade in fragments of the Dead Sea scrolls was full of fakes.

    A Question For The Dead A Question For The Dead
    A Question For The Dead A Question For The Dead
    A Question For The Dead A Question For The Dead
    A Question For The Dead A Question For The Dead
    A Question For The Dead A Question For The Dead

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