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The Musical ". In " Elementary School Musical ", she performed the opening song as well as several other duets with Bridon Gueermo. On Mr. Ice skating at Stark's Pond. Wendy has shown herself to be a fairly decent fighter, beating up Cartman after he repeatedly made jokes about Breast Cancer in " Breast Cancer Show Ever ".

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Although Cartman does manage to get a few hits in, Wendy turns the tide of the fight after ramming Cartman's face into a metal pole, multiple times, leaving Cartman lying in a pool of his own blood. The significance of this is debatable as Cartman has been shown to lose the majority of fights he gets in. Wendy is portrayed as very political. She has started and joined many campaigns, groups, and debates over the course of the show. She has also participated in stopping conspiracies and assassinations.

In " Weight Gain ", Wendy is infuriated when Cartman's report wins the school contest, instead of her report on protecting bottle nosed dolphins. After reading his essay, she reveals to the public at Cartman's presentation with Kathie Lee Gifford that Cartman had copied Walden and replaced Henry David Thoreau 's name with his own. Because Kathie Lee Gifford had already left at that point, nobody cared, further annoying her. In the meantime, Wendy and Stan tried to stop Mr.

Wendy Gaudin

Garrison and Mr. Hat from assassinating Kathie, although Mr. Hat ends up shooting at her, killing Kenny McCormick by mistake. In " Chef Goes Nanners ", she was one of a few people who realize why Chef is upset about the South Park Flag , and immediately volunteers to represent the "Flag Should be Changed" team for the upcoming debate, however, she was mortified to find out that her leading partner was Cartman. She attempts to lead the team without him and decides not to participate in discrediting Kyle Broflovski and Stan's team, who believed the flag should stay the way it was.

They eventually begin to work together, and their partnership improves as they found that they had more and more things in common with each other, which leads to Wendy having a temporary crush on him. At the presentation, this attraction made it difficult for her to voice her side of the debate, causing her to kiss him.

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After Cartman's repeated derogatory remarks about breast cancer, Wendy beats Cartman up. In " Informative Murder Porn ", Wendy attempts to give a report on Syrian refugees to her class, only to again be heckled by Cartman; his booing her became a running gag throughout the episode. She also spoke at a town meeting moderated by Kyle and Stan on "murder porn" and its ties to a real life murder in town. McCormick , and Sheila Broflovski ; stating that she admired the character's overall sweetness and intelligence, balanced by her unpredictability.

Schneider and Mona Marshall ; she is currently voiced by April Stewart. When Bergman first voiced Wendy, she had a sweet high voice, almost similar to Bergman's performance as Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs , which she did from until her death in Wendy's voice changed little with Schneider and Marshall, however, her voice was altered drastically with Stewart, to a much lower, more mature tone. Wendy wears a pink beret, a light purple jacket with a navy blue trim, navy blue gloves, and yellow trousers. She also has long, black hair with choppy, uneven bangs. Under her jacket, she has been shown to be wearing a light purple tank-top in " Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society ", and a white tank top with a unicorn on it in " Breast Cancer Show Ever ".

Wendy has only been seen without her beret in two episodes, " Chef Goes Nanners ", where she took off her beret to dunk her head in her fishbowl and " Funnybot ", where she was seen dressed up without her beret. As her transgender alter-ego "Wendyl", in " The Cissy ", she kept her beret, but pinned back her hair and also wore a white t-shirt, denim vest, and light purple pants. Wendy is best described as a mature and intelligent person whose stubbornness and occasional jealousy sometimes get the best of her; she is typically portrayed as nice, feminine, and liberal in nature.

In many episodes, she generally provides a voice of reason, usually against Eric Cartman , especially in earlier seasons. She is generally friendly to others and seems well-liked at school, but she is unwilling to let her beliefs be compromised by popularity. Wendy is shown to be very intelligent and politically aware, writing an essay on the suffering of Bottlenose dolphins , donating candy to starving children in Nairobi , being willing to give Afghanistan children a dollar , opposing the American-Canadian War and doing a report on the suffering of Breast Cancer patients.

However, as the series, in general, became more political, Wendy's role as the politically-aware voice of reason shrank, and by Season Five she was seldom seen as more than one of the female students. In addition, Kyle Broflovski took over her duties as the most intelligent student in class and moral center.

Wendy is a very empathic person and often concerned about those around her - she is the first of the girls at Heidi Turner 's slumber party to feel bad for making fun of Marjorine and she is the first and only student in the whole school to go after Tweek Tweak after he publically stages a fake breakup with his boyfriend in " Tweek x Craig ". In addition, much of her political activities revolve around concern for others, such as children in Nairobi and Afghanistan, and Bottlenose Dolphins. Wendy also illustrates an adherence to rules and order - she refuses to step out of line against Cartman until given informal permission to attack him and exposed Cartman for cheating at the 'Save Our Fragile Planet' essay contest.

see In " Follow That Egg! Garrison switched their partners. She even went over to Kyle's house, frantically asking to see the egg and hold it for a couple of minutes. After seeing how well Stan and Kyle took care of the egg and presented it to the Governor of Colorado at the end of the episode, she saw how good Stan's fathering skills were, and relaxed. Despite this, she has shown carelessness as well - in " Pinkeye ", after initially planning a couples' dress as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy she "realized how stupid [they] would look", and dressed as Chewbacca instead, not thinking about how it would affect Stan.

Wendy's eyes at the end of " Tom's Rhinoplasty ". Wendy will generally be kind to characters besides Eric Cartman , but is prone to becoming antagonistic if she feels she has been wronged. Wendy almost always, however, attempts to resolve things peacefully before resorting to violence or manipulation. When Cartman repeatedly berated her attempts to raise awareness for breast cancer, she initially tried to ignore him, before threatening to beat him up. Although Cartman initially agreed, he then tried to get out of it - they ended up having a brutal fight in front of the school. She also becomes somewhat jealous if she feels her relationship with Stan is in danger, but her exact reaction varies based on the situation.

Besides her famous encounter with Ms.

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Ellen , wherein she hired Iraqis to shoot her into the sun, Wendy displayed jealousy when the boys obsessed over Bebe 's breasts and gossips about her with the other girls. However, in other episodes, both during their relationship and during its hiatus, such as " Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset " she seems to have no problem with other girls flirting with Stan.

Wendy is very active in the school's extracurricular activities: aside from being class president, she is seen in " Cartman Finds Love " as one of three new members of the cheer squad the others being Nichole and Jenny ; she became its captain in " The Hobbit ". In " Cock Magic ", Wendy is shown as the captain of the girl's volleyball team. Wendy, warning Ms. Ellen to stay away from Stan in " Tom's Rhinoplasty ". Stan and Wendy sitting on a tree branch looking at the sunset; this was shown during a montage looking back at Wendy's relationship with Stan in " Tom's Rhinoplasty ".

Even after she had broken up with Stan, he still showed feelings for her, and tried to win her back by playing Peter Gabriel 's " Shock the Monkey " on his boombox on her lawn, though the plan failed when he saw that Token was in Wendy's room. Near the end of the episode, Wendy complimented Stan on his "fathering" abilities, although due to Stan's bitterness, he rejected the complimenting, telling her that he "didn't care what [she] thinks". Wendy and Stan holding hands in " Super Fun Time ". In " The List ", Wendy helps Stan to discover that the girls' election of who the cutest and the ugliest boys in South Park Elementary was rigged.

At the end of the episode, she admits to Stan that she enjoyed hanging out with him again, and they attempt to kiss, during which Stan throws up on her again. This is often seen as the "re-ignition" of their relationship. This "re-ignition" was verified in the episode " Super Fun Time "; Stan pairs with Wendy on the field trip, telling the others that he is with his girlfriend, as well as fretting about the possibility of looking like a dork in front of her.

Wendy kissing Stan in " Elementary School Musical ". In " Elementary School Musical ", Wendy gave Stan a small kiss at her locker before walking away; this is notable as it was the first time Stan did not vomit thereafter. This may have been done because Parker and Stone were getting bored of the near-constant gag, similar to how they grew tired of killing Kenny after Season Five.

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In " Butters' Bottom Bitch ", when Butters attempted to recruit her into his "kissing company", Stan defended her heavily against Butters' advances. Despite a rather stable relationship in later seasons, Stan has managed to irritate Wendy on occasion. Wendy, with Stan, in " Gluten Free Ebola ".


In " You Have 0 Friends ", Wendy tells Stan to change his profile information on his newly-created Facebook page to "in a relationship", as she was quite upset over it being listed as "Single". Later in the episode, she jealously mistook Stan's grandmother's friend, Susan, as a girl who was flirting with Stan by commenting that he looked cute in an unseen photo of a young Stan in a rabbit outfit. In " Bass to Mouth ", Wendy was infuriated when she learned that Eavesdropper had revealed a private e-mail Stan sent to Kenny , in which he called another girl's butt crack "hot".

In " The Hobbit ", Wendy is angered at Stan when he suggests she gets a Photoshopped image of herself.

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It is a simple shot. You can see my profile, my face turned right and angled down, looking through wire-framed sunglasses, and my arms are in motion, dipping one end of the paddle into the brown water. My hair is bound in a long braid down my back, thick as a mud snake, and I am wearing a borrowed baseball cap, something to shield part of my face from the sun.

Number Three held my camera with his cigarette dangling from his mouth, his muscle shirt revealing a faded old tattoo of what looked like a Viking. Drank too much that night , he said. I knew that the people who lived in this waterway attributed their brown skin to their Indian ancestors, the proof in the flat and heavy tendencies of their hair; I knew that the African ancestors were unmentionable, the African ancestors dragging the surface of the ocean, to the delta, to the River, never having gotten as far as New Orleans.

In the second photograph, Number Three captured me in a state of utter bliss: my body is submerged in the water, so opaque that just the suggestion of my limbs appear a glowing yellow color, my dark hair is loosed from the braid, my eyes squinting closed, my mouth broadly smiling.

My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two
My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two
My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two
My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two
My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two
My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two
My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two
My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two
My Cousin Wendy – Volume Two

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