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Even our wind turbines use glass fiber reinforced blades. Glass containing cements can repair our teeth and bones, doped glasses can target radiotherapy within our bodies, and spare body parts can be grown on glassy scaffolds.

2nd Edition

Glass will certainly remain the bedrock of a modern, sustainable, low-carbon society. The key players in that roadmap process have been the various TCs, with their numerous experts, organized by the ICG.

Aspects of glass melting, advanced materials with a focus on biomaterials, glass surface properties and functional coatings, as well as key fundamental glass principles were studied in particular depth. The 1st edition formed a solid basis for an exchange of opinions concerning the future directions of glass research and an appropriate prioritization of research topics.

Molecular Solution and Diffusion in Glass.

Bagley Glass 3rd Revised Edition

Chemical Durability: Reaction of Water with Glass. Ion Exchange and Potentials of Glass Electrodes.

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  • New Zealand wine.
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  • Electrical Conductivity and Ionic Diffusion. Dielectric and Mechanical Loss.

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    Optical Absorption in Glasses. We blow glass most days a week.

    Andy Edgar and Dr. Nicola Winch were interviewed in February concerning the portable x-ray imaging system.

    Company Law in New Zealand 2nd Ed Academic Edition

    The text and radio interview can be found here. In October we received four year funding from MBIE for dosimeters and radiation imaging devices for medical and non-destructive testing applications. Our aim is to develop optics-based 2D and 3D dosimeters that can be used to measure the radiation dose as part of a cancer treatment planning process and portable optics-based x-ray imaging systems for non-destructive testing applications. Such an honour is bestowed on those "who in any field of endeavour, have rendered meritorious service to the Crown and the nation or who have become distinguished by their eminence, talents, contributions, or other merits.

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    • Dr Williams, Professorial Research Fellow at the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, is currently involved in a number of research programmes that include the study of new materials for magnetic sensors, optical materials and methods for radiation detection, high temperature superconductivity, topological insulators, and linear and nonlinear optics. The Hector Medal for physical sciences was awarded to Dr Grant Williams of Industrial Research in Lower Hutt for his internationally recognised work on the chemical and electronic structure of materials, especially high temperature superconductors.

      His work has led to a better understanding of the fundamental physics and the development of materials for magnetic sensors, radiation detection and imaging, and optical communication. Source: Royal Society of New Zealand.

      New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition
      New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition
      New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition
      New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition
      New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition
      New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition
      New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition

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