Rusty Grimes, Trilogy of Trilogies

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If you don't, you should probably see a doctor because he's literally three paragraphs up. His victim this time around is Whizz. Less than 2 months ago, we posted PJ's to the front page. Lots of major route revisions have brought about his improved Two minutes off of a run less than twenty minutes long is nothing to scoff at. Neither is PJ's audio commentary, so give it a listen while you watch. Another game that hasn't been out of the news for very long is Super Punch-Out!! Zack 'Zallard1' Allard has shaved 30 in-game seconds off of the previous time, which is astounding considering the previous time was Check out Zallard1's new Speaking of updaters, I am one and therefore shall supply you with an update.

First off, we have a run of the interestingly named Bad News Baseball. Rest assured that the game making it to our front page is in no way bad news no matter what the game name might lead you to assume, and that all baseball displayed within is within acceptional boundaries for speedrun conditions.

Richard 'rggibson' Gibson knocks the opposition out of the park in this speedy single-segment run, no doubt filled with home runs and other baseball related terminology. Moving on, we have a rather mind-blowing segmented run of Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal by Mark 'ExplodingCabbage' Amery and Eli 'Smilge' Chase, and those of you who have played this game before should probably swallow whatever drinks you may be consuming before you read the completion time: a mere To give this a little perspective, this is an improvement of a whopping over the previous record.

I strongly recommend you have a copy of the run comments handy while watching this, because the level of glitching and game abuse going on in here makes the 3D Zelda titles look tame. Gunman Clive is a recent game, so recent in fact that it has no wikipedia article for me to blag information from for my update, so barring that, I'll resort to assuming the game plays similarly to how it's titled. So for those of you who want to watch a speedrun of a game wherein a man named Clive who also wields a gun has to do stuff, then this is the run for you. For those of you who would rather I look harder for information, tough.

Jordan 'Greenalink' Greener has completed an IL table for us, with a total time of And bullets. Who can resist such a combination? Having played Left 4 Dead myself, I'm therefore qualified to write a real update about it. He's also included a fully detailed list of comments for every level improvement, so make sure to keep those handy while you watch him completely disregard what normal people would do in a zombie outbreak situation and gun down his own teammates before running off faster than Francis can say, "I hate teamkillers".

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Castlevania: Dracula X is a game about a man dressed in leather who has a whip and fights demonic crime. Said leather-dressed man also moves much faster while backflipping, which both looks hilarious and makes for an interesting speedrun. Bruno 'mabru' Rosini demonstrates his acrobatic proficiency in this bad-ending single-segment run in , and while I'm not sure what the bad ending constitutes, if it involves you flicking the business end of your whip into Dracula repeatedly it can't be that bad, right? I am of the personal opinion that Robots are Cool.

I must therefore disagree with the name of the next game in this update on a fundamental level; Give Up, Robot is one of those flash games that we've been seeing more and more of, and while the name offends me mildly, I actually think this one is pretty cool. Zach 'ZachSK' Kessler has provided us with a single-segment run of this little gem that beats the game in Sir VG has also included run comments of a size appropriate for the run time, so those of you who like reading about runs while watching them should give those a browse as well; for those of you who don't, this run also features audio commentary, so you don't have to!

Win win.

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Let's kick things off with the lone improvement of the day, and what an improvement it is. Damien 'Dragondarch' Moody puts the PS2's Castlevania: Lament of Innocence through the wringer with a number of new tricks, glitches, and strategies from the previous single segment run. The result is a time over sixteen minutes faster, clocking in at Looking at the game page you'll notice a bunch of different categories with long standing runs.

With the new finds you have to wonder how much longer those will be sticking around. The Sly Cooper series is one with a strong following, and that contingent should be happy to see another installment in the series get a run hosted on the site today. Everything the game has to offer is completed in over 54 segments. I'm willing to bet a good chunk of our readers have never heard of Disaster: Day of Crisis , it being a more recent game that was never released in the US, but for the importers, Europeans, Japanese, and Australians out there, it might be one you know and love.

Playing on normal difficulty and using 24 segments, he saves the populace from an assortment of not so natural disasters and puts a stop to their source in Despite never being much good at them myself, I've always really enjoyed runs of Mega Man games. Fortunately for me and others in the same boat , the series is very popular among speedrunners, with the overwhelming majority of the titles in the series having runs available on the site, and that majority gets a little bit more overwhelming today with the addition of the Game Boy's Mega Man IV.

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Runner Will 'willwc' Blatt blazes through this monochromatic Mega Man adventure in a very quick We'll keep the huge series theme running for one more game, though this one doesn't have quite the same representation as the previous one. I'm not sure exactly how much gameplay time this RPG boasted on the back of the box, but I have a sneaking suspiscion runner 'gammadragon' makes a mockery of that number with this run with deaths. The run used 16 segments, but they've been appended to a single file for easy downloading and viewing.

So I've been winging my way through this update, but it's been pretty easy for most of these games as they're at least from series I'm varying degrees of familiar with.

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Legend of Grimrock offers me no such luxury, but in doing some research on it, it seems like a pretty cool game. I may personally hold off on watching this run in 23 segments from Alex 'Pongsifu' Biffar until I've played through it myself, but for the rest of you, get it while it's fresh. Friday, April 26, by Vorpal. Half-Life 's enduring popularity shows no signs of decaying any time soon.

Enter Fabrizio 'Superfrizzio' Rossebastiano. Superfrizzio opts to play on the rather different European release of the PS2 version, and he puts up a single-segment on hard. The Hitman series has been one of those series I've kinda wanted to try, but never quite got around to.

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They've collaborated on an individual level table for Hitman: Blood Money. That's a mouthful. Lately we have had several Xbox Live Indie Games hit the site. That pattern continues with Ophidian Wars: Opac's Journey. Jess 'JTB' Blouch uses deaths to clear the interesting platformer in a swift single-segment Not enough games give me the opportunity to channel Chomsky, but Sniper: Ghost Warrior is one of them.

Tim 'Judgy' Kedge has sent in a set of individual level runs.

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They come in at on the Easy difficulty. Perhaps these vids will give you something to watch as you wait silently in the jungle? This update had plenty of military-themed games. Syphon Filter 3 is definitely one of them. Terrorists blowing stuff up have been in the news lately my condolences to anyone affected by the Boston bombings , so I guess it's fitting that we post a game originally delayed by the attacks?

The Walking Dead Season 9 'Andrew Lincoln Explains New Film Trilogy' Breakdown

Have a look at his , done on the European version using 19 segments. Partially because of its history, and partially because, after posting an Abe's Exoddus run, I keep having to double-check how I'm spelling the word. Neil 'PresJPolk' Stevens has faced the game in single-segment fashion, and defeated it in a solid Clearly he dislikes it when computers act up. That's all the runs today, but there's also an event worth mentioning.

That link is a link to the stream; head on over and hit the follow button, and if you're around tomorrow you just might catch some of the action. That's all for today; until next time. Alpha Protocol seems like a pretty awesome game, even though I had never heard any mention of it before we got a submission of it.

Sounds like Knights of the Old Republic with a stealthy side. Frank 'Softman25' Black seems to like it, considering he ran through it in using resets. I love when already short runs are beaten by a sizable margin. An improvement of a couple minutes is impressive for an hour long run, but mostly unheard of for a run under 10 minutes. He's brought the time down from to After watching this run all I can say is kids, don't try this at home.

Stay inside with your video games where it's safe. Next up we've got another short run, this time of the Flash game Don't Look Back. Charles 'Arcanod' Nannan shoots his way from the grave, to the underworld, and back again in A few of the runs recently posted have been out of the first batch of public verifications in SDA history. These next runs of Tobe's Vertical Adventure were also publicly verified.

See a Problem?

Greg 'Setz' Tyndall has run this game 3 different ways! First, we have single segment runs as both playable characters- as Tobe and as Nana. Greg also did a segmented co-op run with 'Gumboman' and completed it in Mafia 2 is another new addition to our gamepages, with an impressive segmented completion by Mirko Brown. If you've been at SDA for any appreciable amount of time, you may have heard of PJ's bad game exchange system.

Rusty Grimes, Trilogy of Trilogies Rusty Grimes, Trilogy of Trilogies
Rusty Grimes, Trilogy of Trilogies Rusty Grimes, Trilogy of Trilogies
Rusty Grimes, Trilogy of Trilogies Rusty Grimes, Trilogy of Trilogies
Rusty Grimes, Trilogy of Trilogies Rusty Grimes, Trilogy of Trilogies
Rusty Grimes, Trilogy of Trilogies Rusty Grimes, Trilogy of Trilogies

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