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He asks therefore Christ to explain His meaning, and to tell him exactly how often he was to forgive his brother his trespasses. He could not understand the infinite abyss of mercy which there was in the Divine nature of Christ. There is no little dispute as to the proper translation, due especially to manuscript variations.

Seven as said above signifies totality and completeness, but what does eleven signify. Gregory the Great. And, if the totality of all sin is signified by the number seventy-seven, so too shall Christ be shown to have overcome all sin through his birth. Indeed, in the genealogy of Christ, as given by St. Luke, there are numbered inclusively seventy-seven generations from God and Adam to Jesus Christ.

Thus, our Lord signifies by his coming into the world that all sin should be done away. Seventy times seven times, the prophecy of Daniel. If our Savior said, seventy times seven times i. Hilary sees an allusion to Lamech whose sins were great so as to incure the divine wrath , Sevenfold vengeance shall be taken for Cain: but for Lamech seventy times sevenfold.

Genesis Thus, though the sins of men have mounted on and on without number, the Lord continues to forgive all those who are contrite and beg his mercy. Daniel From the Douay-Rheims commentary:. The angel Gabriel in the shape of a man.

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That is, from the twentieth year of king Artaxerxes, when by his commandment Nehemias rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, 2 Esd. From which time, according to the best chronology, there were just sixty-nine weeks of years , that is, years to the baptism of Christ, when he first began to preach and execute the office of Messias. And a people with their leader that shall come, shall destroy the city and the sanctuary: and the end thereof shall be waste, and after the end of the war the appointed desolation. Again, from the Douay-Rheims Bible Commentary:. The Romans under Titus.

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Those stupid stories should be ignored, Simon! No one here should call her stupid, do you hear? Matthew: You talk like a brave man…. Thomas: Gg-g-guys, stop b-b-bla-mm-ing each o-o-ther…… we.. Remember our trip to the north!

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You made up stories like Nathanael was a coward, that Philip was more stubborn than an ass…. Philip: You said that about me, John? Say that again to my face, I dare you! Nathanael: Shut up, Philip, leave everything to Judas. Things should not go on like this. Judas: What the hell are you talking about, you dope? Why should I win myself over Peter?

Do you think all of us are like you, rubbing elbows, to win the sympathy of important people? Jesus: Stop it everyone, damn it! Peter leaped over Matthew and Thomas, pounced on my brother James and grabbed him on the neck… He unleashed all the fury raging quietly inside him since last night. Some of us pulled Peter away, while the others worked on James. Since they were already too enraged, soon enough we were all caught in the fight, and everyone, no more, no less, got his share of the blows in that sea of fury.

The storm lasted long enough. Anyway, we resumed our trip and by the time we reached the elevation of Siloh, everything was forgotten and we were laughing again and teasing one another. Only Peter continued with his grumbling. Peter: No, no, no! Never will I look at his face again, ever.

Jesus: Peter, please, listen to me: if among ourselves, we continue to kill each other and remain divided, then what can we expect from the ones on top? Remember the incident in the wharf a month ago?

Peter: Oh, yeah? And may I know why I should tolerate the stupidity of this rascal? One had to undertake a hundred journeys to go from one end of the territory to another.

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In order to manage the affairs of the kingdom, he had assigned officials all over the provinces who were tasked to distribute the money of the kingdom… Some of these officials, however, were crooks, as in the case of Neriah…. Jesus: Neriah came back the next day, and the succeeding days.


He always left the office with a sackful of money under his tunic and gave it to his accomplice, the man with the crossed eyes. Neriah: At last, the days of poverty are over! King: What! One hundred million dinarii!

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  4. Do you realize what you have stolen, Neriah? Summon the executioner and have this devil beheaded! Neriah: No, no, no! Take pity on me, King Shaddai! Have compassion and forgive me!

    King: Very well. You will not die. But tomorrow, before dawn, you will be sold as a slave; your wife and your children too. Jesus: Since the king was a good man and had a heart bigger than his immense kingdom, even bigger than the debt of his official, he pardoned him. King: Well, then, Neriah. I forgive you. Go back to your post. Cross-eyed man: Man, you should be happy….

    You could have lost your neck…. The light bulb was an invention with 1, steps. It took Moses 10 attempts before he finally found success in fleeing Egypt with the Israelites. Among many important answers to that question, here are a few:. So, amid a life full of stumbling blocks and imperfection, we all are grateful for second chances. In , as a new freshman at BYU, I enrolled in a beginning course on the essentials of physics taught by Jae Ballif, an outstanding professor. After finishing each unit of the course, he would administer an exam. If a student received a C and wanted a better grade, Professor Ballif would allow the student to take a modified exam covering the same material.

    If the student received a B on the second attempt and was still unsatisfied, he or she could take the test a third time and a fourth, and so on. By allowing me numerous second chances, he helped me excel and finally earn an A in his class. Recently I telephoned this great man 47 years after taking his physics course. I asked him why he was willing to allow students unlimited attempts to improve their grade.

    Seventy Times Seven Seventy Times Seven
    Seventy Times Seven Seventy Times Seven
    Seventy Times Seven Seventy Times Seven
    Seventy Times Seven Seventy Times Seven
    Seventy Times Seven Seventy Times Seven
    Seventy Times Seven Seventy Times Seven
    Seventy Times Seven Seventy Times Seven

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