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The personal nanofactory is designed to operate in a shirtsleeve environment, with access to less than a megawatt of energy and comparable cooling capacity. Labor is negligible. Raw materials are likely to be cheap chemicals, though purification may add somewhat to the cost. The waste should be highly pure, small organic molecules, at the worst requiring incineration. How much will post-processing cost? How much will product design cost? This depends largely on the functionality of the product. As a first estimate, the cost of most products will be dominated by the cost of software engineering to implement the product's functions.

How much will the non-autoproduced components of the system cost amortized? All components can be autoproduced. How much will the autoproduced components of the system cost amortized? Nanofactories will probably be limited by policy rather than utility, so the degree of use can't be estimated. What will be the total product cost, per feature and per kilogram? However, the Phoenix design is deliberately crude: a lower bound, not a best-guess estimate.

Per feature: Since fabrication is automated and bottom-up, details don't cost any extra. One kg of product can include 10 20 features; cost per feature is negligible. Note that the superior material properties of diamond should allow products to be orders of magnitude lighter than metal, plastic, or even carbon-fiber versions; most large human-scale products will be inflatable and will require tiny fractions of a gram per cubic centimeter to maintain their shape.

Product cost will be highly competitive with current high-tech products: not just semiconductors, but entire telephones, computer monitors, and aerospace hardware. Other studies. Is mechanically guided chemistry a viable basis for a manufacturing technology? To what extent is molecular manufacturing counterintuitive and underappreciated in a way that causes underestimation of its importance?

What is the performance and potential of diamondoid machine-phase chemical manufacturing and products? What is the performance and potential of biological programmable manufacturing and products? What is the performance and potential of nucleic acid manufacturing and products? What other chemistries and options should be studied? What applicable sensing, manipulation, and fabrication tools exist?

What will be required to develop diamondoid machine-phase chemical manufacturing and products?

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What will be required to develop biological programmable manufacturing and products? What will be required to develop nucleic acid manufacturing and products? How rapidly will the cost of development decrease? How could an effective development program be structured? What is the probable capability of the manufacturing system? How capable will the products be? How rapidly could products be designed? Which of today's products will the system make more accessible or cheaper?

What new products will the system make accessible? What impact will the system have on production and distribution?

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What effect will molecular manufacturing have on military and government capability and planning, considering the implications of arms races and unbalanced development? What effect will this have on macro- and microeconomics? How can proliferation and use of nanofactories and their products be limited? What effect will this have on policing? What a beautiful touch, not only was it delivered timely, but when it arrived and was unwrapped, it was more luminous than I had imagined.

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    Study #15 Study #15
    Study #15 Study #15
    Study #15 Study #15
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