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A blood test made on Nov 30, , revealed that the man was HIV positive, prompting his mother to lodge a report with the Health Department. Lawyer Datuk W. Davidson represented KMC while lawyers V. Vijaya Segaran and Norazali Nordin appeared for the man. Source: Department of Environment, Malaysia. Cutter feared losing customers, so according to an internal memo, Cutter "want[ed] to give the impression that [they were] continuously improving our product without telling them [they expected] soon to also have a heat-treated" concentrate.

Tainted water: the scientists tracing thousands of fluorinated chemicals in our environment

By June , a Cutter letter to distributors in France and 20 other countries said that "AIDS has become the center of irrational response in many countries" and that "This is of particular concern to us because of unsubstantiated speculations that this syndrome may be transmitted by certain blood products. On February 29, , Cutter became the last of the four major blood product companies to get US approval to sell heated concentrate. Bayer officials responding on behalf of Cutter issued a statement, stating that Cutter continued to sell the old medicine, "because some customers doubted the new drug's effectiveness", and because some countries were slow to approve its sale.

The company also said that a shortage of plasma, used to make the medicine, had kept Cutter from manufacturing more of the new product. While the new product was selling well for Cutter, a Cutter company meeting notes that "There is excess nonheated inventory", which resulted in the company deciding to "review international markets again to determine if more of this product can be sold.

In late , when a Hong Kong distributor asked Cutter about the newer product, records show that Cutter asked the distributor to "use up stocks" of the old medicine before switching to its "safer, better" product. Meyer Jr. At the same time, a Cutter official wrote that "It appears there are no longer any markets in the Far East where we can expect to sell substantial quantities of nonheat-treated [medicine]" and stopped shipping unheated concentrate in July According to The New York Times , doctors and patients contacted overseas said they had not known of the contents of the Cutter documents.

The effects are close to impossible to calculate. Since many records are unavailable and because it was a while until an AIDS test was developed, one cannot know when foreign hemophiliacs were infected with HIV — before Cutter began selling its safer medicine or afterward. The New York Times found these largely unnoticed documents "internal memorandums, minutes of company marketing meetings and telexes to foreign distributors" as part of the production in connection with the American hemophiliacs lawsuits described below.

Wolfe , director of the Public Citizen Health Research Group, which has been investigating the industry's practices for three decades, called them "the most incriminating internal pharmaceutical industry documents I have ever seen.

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Speaking with Mike Papantonio , a legal advisor to the show, they discussed the The New York Times article referenced above, saying that the product known by Bayer to bear the risk of contamination was "dropped In Canada , by the time blood tests began in late , about 2, people were infected with HIV and up to 60, with Hepatitis C.

In France , an estimated 4, people, many hemophiliacs, were given blood infected with HIV. A former Health Minister was convicted for failing to adequately screen the blood, leading to the deaths of five people from AIDS, and the contamination of two others during a key period in In Iran , as of , the former head of Iran's blood transfusion centre went on trial a Dr. Farhadi along with two other doctors facing several charges including negligence for importing HIV-tainted supplies from France after patients contracted HIV.

Her father had been infected after receiving contaminated factor VIII and had unknowingly passed it to his wife. It is only recently that Lauren learned her parents also had hepatitis C, which is much more contagious than HIV. Palmer, now 34, heard talk of contaminated blood, but she did not want to know more.

On the other hand, she could not totally avoid the consequences of what happened: as the daughter of a haemophiliac, she would be a carrier of the gene. As a young girl she was told this meant that if she had children, there was a high chance any boys would be infected. Last year, she was forced to confront the horror of what happened when she found herself watching a Panorama documentary about the contaminated blood scandal.

Palmer had no idea that thousands of haemophiliacs lost their lives in a similar way to her father. She decided she could not stay silent any more. After her parents died, she found letters her mother had written to MPs and celebrities, trying to draw attention to the scandal.

Damages awarded in tainted blood transfusion case upheld | The Star Online

Now, 24 years after her parents died, it is time for Palmer to fight for them. Treloar College was a boarding school for disabled children with a specialist haemophilia centre. Ade Goodyear joined the school at the age of He adored his time at Treloar, a former stately home in Hampshire. After a lifetime wrapped in cotton wool, he now felt he could live independently — the teachers were supportive, the new revolutionary clotting factors meant there was no cause for panic if he bled, and he made many wonderful friends there. Goodyear says it was like being at Hogwarts. Ten other haemophiliacs arrived at Treloar at the same time, in September Of 89 haemophiliac children who attended Treloar from onwards, all were infected with hepatitis B and C, and 64 contracted HIV.

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Only 16 are alive today. Goodyear, aged 47, had three brothers who were also haemophiliac, although they did not attend Treloar. Two of them died after treatment with factor VIII — Jason from Aids, aged 28, in ; Gary from complications related to hepatitis C, aged 53, in He became a tour manager in the music industry, but had to quit because of the stigma attached to HIV — nobody would insure him.

Little did we know what was to come. Goodyear talks heartbreakingly of the day he was told he was HIV positive. We were summoned to the clinic one bright spring day in Me and a mate looked at each other. They were talking about Aids. They gave us about two to three years to live and said they would do their best as always for us, but to make the most of our lives.

Documents obtained by campaigners through freedom of information requests have since revealed that government officials were wondering exactly the same thing. That document does not surprise Goodyear. At home in Newport, Colin and Jan Smith are surrounded by reminders of their son, also called Colin — framed photos of their beautiful blond boy, pictures he painted, toy cars.

The picture is the last one Colin drew. His nappy had been wrapped too tightly, giving him internal bleeding in his groin. At the age of 10 months, he was diagnosed with haemophilia and treated with cryoprecipitate, administered in the form of a transfusion. But then they were introduced to the miraculous factor VIII concentrate. If Colin hurt himself, instead of rushing to the hospital, his parents could inject him at home. At the age of two, their son was diagnosed as HIV positive.

The PFAS puzzle

If there was a stigma attached to hepatitis C people made connections with drug addiction or alcoholism because of the liver damage , it was nothing compared with the prejudice the Smith family faced. Colin had a tremendous zest for life. But the last months were torture, Jan says. In December , they were told he was not going to get better.

He was in hospital and the medical team were performing test after test on him. His parents did not understand what the point was if he was dying. They told the hospital they were taking him home to die but were refused permission by the head of the haemophilia department, Professor Arthur Bloom; he said haemophiliacs had to die in hospital.

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They ignored him and on 19 December , Colin came home. He died a month later, at the age of seven, weighing 6kg 13lb. Three years after his death they discovered he had hepatitis C as well as Aids.


Iraqis Infected by H.I.V.-Tainted Blood Try New Tool: A Lawsuit

Documents have since been disclosed that show Professor Bloom, who died in , had been fully aware all along of the risk of hepatitis from contaminated factor products. Seven years later, hepatitis non-A non-B became known as hepatitis C. The most clear-cut way of doing this is by administering those concentrates to patients requiring treatment who have not been previously exposed to large pool concentrates.

The acronym used was Pups — previously untreated patients. They were in effect being experimented on. A year after writing this letter, Bloom became director of the Cardiff haemophilia centre, where Colin was one of his pups. The more the Smiths discovered, the more outraged they became. The Smiths are distraught when they talk about it. Colin is purple with rage, Jan so upset she can barely speak.

So for the sake of a couple of pence a unit they killed thousands of people in this country. At the moment, the government insists on dealing with haemophiliacs and those who were infected by whole blood transfusions in a single inquiry. Many of those affected believe they should be scrutinised separately, as conflating the two will make it harder for both parties to achieve justice. But the main reason haemophiliacs demand a separate inquiry is that they believe they were deliberately targeted and experimented on without their consent. The Arthur Bloom haemophilia centre, which is part of the University Hospital of Wales, was named in honour of Bloom after he died.

The Smiths are now trying to get his name removed from the centre. Stringent conditions were attached: everybody had to accept the deal for it to go through, victims could not take the government to court for any subsequent infections discovered and the government accepted no liability.

Tainted (Blood Claim Book 3) Tainted (Blood Claim Book 3)
Tainted (Blood Claim Book 3) Tainted (Blood Claim Book 3)
Tainted (Blood Claim Book 3) Tainted (Blood Claim Book 3)
Tainted (Blood Claim Book 3) Tainted (Blood Claim Book 3)
Tainted (Blood Claim Book 3) Tainted (Blood Claim Book 3)

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