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Search full-text index. Available Indexes Full-text Catalog Full view only. Advanced full-text search Advanced catalog search Search tips. Search HathiTrust. Tools Cite this Export citation file. Published Author Carpenter, Edward, The intermediate sex. Section 3.

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This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification. The statute passed by Congress in March, proposing the amendment provided that ratifications must occur within seven years. Thirty-five states out of the thirty-eight needed had ratified by Congress extended the deadline for ratification to June 30, , but still the amendment failed to achieve the necessary thirty-eight ratifications.

Map showing 35 states ratifying E. Introduction For over one hundred years after its adoption, the Equal Protection Clause was never used by the Supreme Court to invalidate a gender-based classification. In , for example, the court upheld an Illinois law prohibiting women from practicing law. In a often-cited concurring opinion in the case, Bradwell v State , Justice Bradley declared, "Man is, or should be, women's protector and defender The paramount destiny and mission of women is to fulfill the noble and benign offices of wife and mother.

This is the law of the Creator. In the early s, the Court saw itself as the benevolent protector of women. For example, it upheld maximum hour laws protecting women Muller v Oregon , , while striking down similar laws if they also applied to men. Even into the mid-twentieth century, challenges to gender classifications were consistently rebuffed.

The Intermediate Sex

In , in Goesaert v Cleary , the Court upheld a state law that prohibited a woman from being licensed at a bartender unless the tavern owner was her husband or father. Male bartenders, the Court reasoned, would be better able to preserve order in a bar. As late as , in Hoyt v Florida , the Court sustained an automatic exemption from jury duty for women, noting "The woman is still regarded as the center of home and family life.

Cases Craig v. Superior Court Questions 1.

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Did the law invalidated in Reed v. Reed really lack a rational basis, as rational basis has been defined by the Court in other contexts? What are the arguments for and against applying heightened judicial scrutiny to classifications disadvantaging women? Since that time the subject has been widely studied and written about by scientific men and others, especially on the Continent though in England it is still comparatively unknown , and by means of an extended observation of present-day cases, as well as the indirect testimony of the history and literature of past times, quite a body of general conclusions has been arrived at—of which I propose in the following pages to give some slight account.

Contrary to the general impression, one of the first points that emerges from this study is that "Urnings," or Uranians, are by no means so very rare; but that they form, beneath the surface of society, a large class.

The Intermediate Sex by Carpenter, Edward

It remains difficult, however, to get an exact statement of their numbers; and this for more than one reason: partly because, owing to the want of any general understanding of their case, these folk tend to conceal their true feelings from all but their own kind, and indeed often deliberately act in such a manner as to lead the world astray— whence it arises that a normal man living in a certain society will often refuse to believe that there is a single Urning in the circle of his acquaintance, while one of the latter, or one that understands the nature, living in the same society, can count perhaps a score or more —and partly because it is indubitable that the numbers do vary very greatly, not only in different countries but even in different classes in the same country.

The consequence of all this being that we have estimates differing very widely from each other. Grabowsky, a well-known writer in Germany, quotes figures which we think must be exaggerated as high as one man in every 22, while Dr. These figures apply to such as are exclusively of the said nature, i.

Of course, if in addition are included those double-natured people of whom there is a great number who experience the normal attachment, with the homogenic tendency in less or greater degree superadded, the estimates must be greatly higher. In the second place it emerges also contrary to the general impression that men and women of the exclusively Uranian type are by no means necessarily morbid in any way—unless, indeed, their peculiar temperament be pronounced in itself morbid.

Formerly it was assumed, as a matter of course, that the type was merely a result of disease and degeneration; but now with the examination of the actual facts it appears that, on the contrary, many are fine, healthy specimens of their sex, muscular and well-developed in body, of powerful brain, high standard of conduct, and with nothing abnormal or morbid of any kind observable in their physical structure or constitution. This is of course not true of all, and there still remain a certain number of cases of weakly type to support the neuropathic view.

Yet it is very noticeable that this view is much less insisted on by the later writers than by the earlier. It is also worth noticing that it is now acknowledged that even in the most healthy cases the special affectional temperament of the "Intermediate" is, as a rule, ineradicable; so much so that when as in not a few instances such men and women, from social or other considerations, have forced themselves to marry and even have children, they have still not been able to overcome their own bias, or the leaning after all of their life-attachment to some friend of their own sex.

This subject, though obviously one of considerable interest and importance, has been hitherto, as I have pointed out, but little discussed in this country, partly owing to a certain amount of doubt and distrust which has, not unnaturally perhaps, surrounded it. And certainly if the men and women born with the tendency in question were only exceedingly rare, though it would not be fair on that account to ignore them, yet it would hardly be necessary to dwell at great length on their case. But as the class is really, on any computation, numerous, it becomes a duty for society not only to understand them but to help them to understand themselves.

For there is no doubt that in many cases people of this kind suffer a great deal from their own temperament—and yet, after all, it is possible that they may have an important part to play in the evolution of the race. Anyone who realises what Love is, the dedication of the heart, so profound, so absorbing, so mysterious, so imperative, and always just in the noblest natures so strong, cannot fail to see how difficult, how tragic even, must often be the fate of those whose deepest feelings are destined from the earliest days to be a riddle and a stumbling-block, unexplained to themselves, passed over in silence by others.

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To call people of such temperament "morbid," and so forth, is of no use. Such a term is, in fact, absurdly inapplicable to many, who are among the most active, the most amiable and accepted members of society; besides, it forms no solution of the problem in question, and only amounts to marking down for disparagement a fellow-creature who has already considerable difficulties to contend with.

Says Dr. Moll, "Anyone who has seen many Urnings will probably admit that they form a by no means enervated human group; on the contrary, one finds powerful, healthy-looking folk among them;" but in the very next sentence he says that they "suffer severely" from the way they are regarded; and in the manifesto of a considerable community of such people in Germany occur these words, "The rays of sunshine in the night of our existence are so rare, that we are responsive and deeply grateful for the least movement, for every single voice that speaks in our favour in the forum of mankind. In dealing with this class of folk, then, while I do not deny that they present a difficult problem, I think that just for that very reason their case needs discussion.

It would be a great mistake to suppose that their attachments are necessarily sexual, or connected with sexual acts.

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On the contrary as abundant evidence shows , they are often purely emotional in their character; and to confuse Uranians as is so often done with libertines having no law but curiosity in self- indulgence is to do them a great wrong. At the same time, it is evident that their special temperament may sometimes cause them difficulty in regard to their sexual relations.

Into this subject we need not just now enter. But we may point out how hard it is, especially for the young among them, that a veil of complete silence should be drawn over the subject, leading to the most painful misunderstandings, and perversions and confusions of mind; and that there should be no hint of guidance; nor any recognition of the solitary and really serious inner struggles they may have to face!

If the problem is a difficult one—as it undoubtedly is—the fate of those people is already hard who have to meet it in their own persons, without their suffering in addition from the refusal of society to give them any help, It is partly for these reasons, and to throw a little light where it may be needed, that I have thought it might be advisable in this paper simply to give a few general characteristics of the Intermediate types.

As indicated then already, in bodily structure there is, as a rule, nothing to distinguish the subjects of our discussion from ordinary men and women; but if we take the general mental characteristics it appears from almost universal testimony that the male tends to be of a rather gentle, emotional disposition—with defects, if such exist, in the direction of subtlety, evasiveness, timidity, vanity, etc. Moreover, the mind of the former is generally intuitive and instinctive in its perceptions, with more or less of artistic feeling; while the mind of the latter is more logical, scientific, and precise than usual with the normal woman.

A Study of Some Transitional Types of Men and Women

So marked indeed are these general characteristics that sometimes by means of them though not an infallible guide the nature of the boy or girl can be detected in childhood, before full development has taken place; and needless to say it may often be very important to be able to do this. It was no doubt in consequence of the observation of these signs that K. Ulrichs proposed his theory; and though the theory, as we have said, does not by any means meet all the facts, still it is perhaps not without merit, and may be worth bearing in mind.

The Intermediate Sex The Intermediate Sex
The Intermediate Sex The Intermediate Sex
The Intermediate Sex The Intermediate Sex
The Intermediate Sex The Intermediate Sex
The Intermediate Sex The Intermediate Sex
The Intermediate Sex The Intermediate Sex

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