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Leave the M6 at junction 26 and follow signs for M58 Liverpool. Follow to end of M58 and then take signs for A59 Liverpool. Continue to follow Liverpool City Centre until picking up signs for the Waterfront. Leave the M6 at junction 21A and take the M62 to Liverpool.

Virgin Trains operates hourly, direct services from London Euston to Liverpool Lime Street with a journey time of just over two hours. Other long-distance rail services also operate into Liverpool Lime Street station. If travelling from outside Merseyside, you can catch an underground train to James Street station from Lime Street station, inclusive of the cost of your ticket.

This event is in The Auditorium Liverpool.


This is a standard seating layout for The Auditorium Liverpool for guidance only, as each event layout is unique, so please refer to the individual plan provided when booking your tickets online as the actual layout may differ from this image. The entrance to the venue can be seen here.

Eric Lu – F. Chopin "Waltz in A flat major, Op. 42" (Chopin and his Europe) (encore)

You can find more venue layout plans here. Tschuai the Contrarian is often found playing for crowds of dancers with The m9 brass. He is currently planning to open a music studio in woodinville with his partner Becca baggenstoss. Circa theater transformed from a cinema to a venue for live performances by well-known acts. Toggle navigation. All proceeds benefit Northwest Harvest!

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This inconsistency is also a barrier for those seeking guidance from the research literature when developing and planning implementation initiatives. The Expert Recommendations for Implementing Change ERIC study aims to address one area of terminological inconsistency: discrete implementation strategies involving one process or action used to support a practice change.

The present report is on the second stage of the ERIC project that focuses on providing initial validation of the compilation of 73 implementation strategies that were identified in the first phase. Multidimensional scaling analysis provided a quantitative representation of the relationships among the strategies, all but one of which were found to be conceptually distinct from the others.

Hierarchical cluster analysis supported organizing the 73 strategies into 9 categories. The ratings data reflect those strategies identified as the most important and feasible. This study provides initial validation of the implementation strategies within the ERIC compilation as being conceptually distinct. The categorization and strategy ratings of importance and feasibility may facilitate the search for, and selection of, strategies that are best suited for implementation efforts in a particular setting.

Inconsistent terminology complicates literature searches, and researchers have found that search strategy yield and precision indices for implementation and quality improvement studies are moderate at best [ 2 , 3 ]. This limits meta-analytic and replication efforts aimed at rigorously evaluating the effectiveness of implementation strategies and the value of existing literature for those enacting implementation initiatives.


Booker's Waltz by Eric Dolphy : Napster

The science and practice of implementation would be greatly facilitated by a parsimonious nomenclature of conceptually distinct implementation strategies [ 2 , 4 — 7 ]. Recently, Powell et al. The study of the relationships among the strategies supports the evaluation of whether the strategies are conceptually distinct from one another as well as how the strategies can be organized into conceptually relevant groupings.

The former can also serve the practical purpose of making it easier for stakeholders to consider the range of implementation strategies by thematic cluster. The importance and feasibility ratings for the strategies provide insight into the perceived applicability of the strategies. It is of general interest which strategies have relatively high and low ratings by experts.

A detailed description of procedures has been published [ 9 ], and a summary is provided here. Concept mapping is a mixed-method procedure for engaging stakeholder groups in a structured conceptualization process [ 11 ].

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This process supports visually representing the relationships among a set of related concepts and empirically clustering them into conceptually distinct categories and rating them on multiple dimensions. A more detailed introduction to concept mapping can be found in Trochim and Kane [ 13 ]. For the sorting task, participants were asked to sort virtual cards for each of the 73 strategies, accompanied by their definitions, into piles as they deemed appropriate.

Keep in mind that we are looking for relative importance feasibility , use all the values in the rating scale to make distinctions. Multidimensional scaling and hierarchical cluster analyses were conducted to produce visual representations of the relationships among the strategies. Descriptive statistics for the importance and feasibility ratings were calculated. For example, quadrant I contains strategies that have values above the means for both dimensions. Sixty-nine percent of participants had some affiliation with the US Department of Veterans Affairs VA , most of whom also held academic appointments in social science or health-related schools or departments.

All but two strategies were sorted as being conceptually distinct. Strategies 66 Use capitated payments and 70 Use other payment schemes were always sorted together. Two other strategies were proximal to one another though they were sorted together by only 4 of 32 panelists 35 Identify and prepare champions and 57 Recruit, designate, and train for leadership , indicating that they are more similar in how they relate with other strategies on the map, than they are directly similar to one another.

Point and cluster map of all 73 strategies identified in the ERIC process. Spatial distances reflect how frequently the strategies were sorted together as similar.

In general, the closer two points are together, the more frequently those strategies were sorted together. Strategies distal from one another were infrequently, if at all, sorted together.

Waltz for Eric

These spatial relationships are relative to the sorting data obtained in this study, and distances do not reflect an absolute relationship i. The legend provides the label for each of the nine clusters of strategies. Dotted lines within the Develop stakeholder interrelationships cluster indicate how two separate clusters were merged into one large cluster due to conceptual similarity among their items. Dotted lines extending between other clusters archive the reassignment of strategies from their original cluster to a neighboring cluster to which there was a better conceptual fit i.

A 13 cluster starting point was selected because it is one standard deviation above the mean number of clusters typically obtained in concept mapping [ 14 ]. We sequentially reviewed cluster merges and achieved consensus to merge clusters down to nine conceptually distinct clusters.

For example, two clusters shown in pale green at the center bottom in Fig. When the team reviewed the clusters for conceptual clarity, three proposals came forward to move individual strategies to neighboring clusters.

Waltz For Eric Waltz For Eric
Waltz For Eric Waltz For Eric
Waltz For Eric Waltz For Eric
Waltz For Eric Waltz For Eric
Waltz For Eric Waltz For Eric
Waltz For Eric Waltz For Eric
Waltz For Eric Waltz For Eric
Waltz For Eric Waltz For Eric

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